About Us - OLD

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” So, Italians, please accept ours.
We are travelers at heart and have experienced many far-flung
corners of the globe, but little has left an imprint such as that
of the unique style of the famous “Bel Paese.”
The beautiful country — Italy.

Whether crossing a square on a warm summer’s eve, admiring
the laid-back chic of friends relaxing with a glass of wine in hand;
or, strolling the mountainous coastline with the crisp blue
ocean glittering beneath — this honestly feels like an alternate
world, and the fashion reflects the majesty of the land.
We had to bring such authentic style home; to share it with
our friends; to up our own game.
So now, we keep a close eye on our favorite designers.
We look to them for inspiration. We imitate because
we flatter, and we know their incredible sense of style
will never fail to flatter you. 
Capturing the essence of a
place like Italy is difficult. But we’ve managed to transport
it back to our shelves.
We’re now delivering it - free of charge - to those  who share our
love of the high-life.
This is an Italian masterclass - there’s no shame in imitating the best.

Our phone number: (833) 803-0460    Email: sales@polomano.com